Tuesday, November 18, 2014

MATCHING GRANT, supplement 3 approval, shirts and soaps!

What a day! It's cold here in Charleston but warm in my heart . The Supplement 3 that we worked so hard to take advantage of was approved today! It's being mailed off to our agency today and our documents will be headed to be authenticated and then we'll be DTC! Praying that happens around the beginning of December. Thank you Lord for your favor in this area! We are thankful!

 We also just got a call from Lifesong for Orphans and they have awarded us a $2500.00 matching grant! We raise $2500.00 and they will award us $2500.00. Which means another $5000.00!!!!! Thank you Lord!! God is indeed able and as I was crunching numbers on the spin bike this am I was slightly worried but then heard the Lord speaking to me, "I've got this!" "Don't you remember what I did with Molly and her situation" "Rest in me." Fast forward to coming home, I miss a call and this is the message! You'll remember they also helped us with Molly with a matching grant. We are so thankful for their help. God is indeed able!

 That leads us to my next topic. Our beautiful tshitrs are IN! Some local friends with a company called  Less Apparel  have put this together for us. They are not your typical boxy tshirts but super soft and a great fit! At $18.00 a shirt they make a great Christmas gift or just a shirt for yourself! My mommy uniform these days are workout pants and a fun tshirt. I've really enjoyed supporting others who have done this and I hope you'll support our tshirt as well! http://www.lessapparel.com/shop/god-is-able

 We are also selling soaps again this year! The organic Goat's milk soaps make a wonderful gift for your friends, family, teachers, postal workers, stocking stuffers and more! They are great to keep on hand for hostess gifts and little sercies to give out when you need a treat for someone. Most bars are $6.00 and some $6.50.

 Contact us today for soaps and follow this link for tshirts! Bless you all for your help once again on this amazing journey! God is able!

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