Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Update on sweet Molly!

So sorry for the delay in getting this to all of you. We left Friday for a 2 week vacation and this came right before we left. What a blessing this update has been to us! Molly is doing super super well! She is very happy, talking up a storm and potty trained during the day! She has a foster sister who is 5 years old and they all sleep in the same bed. They say she sleeps very well and all night, loves anything delicous, enjoys going shopping and is afraid of anyone in a doctors coat.. The changes in her over the last 4 months have been remarkable! We are very, very thankful! Her password to her video is molly2.
http://vimeo.com/70629135 ( copy and paste this link and then use the molly2 password)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sweet Summertime

Hi! We haven't forgotten about you all.. We are enjoying sweet summertime with the children and taking a break from fundraising. We are also in one of the many quiet waiting times for adoption. Our home study was approved by SC DSS, our 1800A immigration application was received at the Homeland security and we've walked in early for our Biometric finger print appointments. Now we just wait for approval from them. The 1800A approval is the last piece of info we need to get our Dossier off to be authenticated and translated to head over to China. DTC, Dossier to China. Once we are DTC we wait to be logged in and then we wait for LOA once we get LOA we are about 3 months from traveling to bring Molly home. Praying her home by Christmas! We plan to request new pictures and videos and ask more questions in August so that will be really exciting! How can you help? Currently we are collecting airline miles... Traveling at Christmas time intertanionally is estimated to be $2500.00 per round trip ticket, we need 3 and Molly's one way ticket home. The miles are estimated at 70K each. I think we have enough for 1 so we still need 2 more. Do you have any airline miles you could donate?  Please feel free to contact us anytime with garage sale items or questions. We'll have more soaps soon and will get fundraising back up and running full time in the fall. We still need;

$3300.00 or so at LOA
$12K to wire to China for our in country fees
Flights estimated at $7500.00 plus Molly's 1 way ticket home, or 70K miles per round trip ticket
$3K spending cash in China

We have applied for several grants which we hope will make up our $12K in country cost but still have a ways to go with the rest. I know God is faithful and it will all be taken care of one way or another to bring Molly home! Thank you for your prayers and your support! We are getting closer!