Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fundraising, again..

It's hard to be here.. It's hard to be in place of relying on God and your friends to donate to help bring a child home. Selfishly I don't want to be here. It's not comfortable here. It's uncomfortable to ask friends and family for money! What I've learned through the journey to bring Molly home, and now to bring Wills home is that often time there is growth in the uncomfortable situations. Sometimes being uncomfortable is right where the Lord wants us to be! We often times think that we can do it all. Who needs help, let alone a savior. This is something that can't be done alone, or not easily at least. And what we learned with Molly is that it's a wonderful thing to include the community of friends and family that love and know you. Something really special happens when a friend gives and prays and then watches a life be redeemed. And although it's uncomfortable for us to ask, and ask and post again. We then think about Wills life, and how uncomfortable he has been and continues to be. Spindabifda, hydrocephalus, a heart condition, in an orphanage, nannies that love him but no family, no mother or father. Enduring surgeries  like what we all watched Molly go through, but now alone.. It's then that our hearts begin to break again and we remember why we are whiling to be uncomfortable and step out of the boat. It's then that we welcome the feeling of being totally dependent on Jesus to make this happen again and then that we find peace knowing that we are walking in his will for our lives.
  Currently we are in the middle of our Give $10 change a life campaign. We are raising $10K in 60 days 1 $10 donation at a time. Today is day 13 and we have raised $1300.00 we are about $722 behind where we need to be right now to stay on track to have the $10K in 60 days. Would you help us? Would you step out of the boat and share with your friends and family? Tell of the orphan named Wills, who needs help to come home to his forever family? We can.not. do this alone. We don't want to do this alone. Here's how you can help;
 Donate $10 through our Donate here button on the main page
 Share our blog and tell a little on faceook about what we're doing or better yet, share our video!
 Then do it again. and again.. and again. Facebook sorts things oddly and it takes several shares sometimes before someone clicks on a link.

 We thank you in advance for your prayers and your donations! We have stepped out once again believing that God is more then able!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Meet Wills

Your probably pretty surprised! And to be honest we were also! We always knew we wanted to go back to China after adopting Molly but never knew when. We had heard of re using your dossier but had no plans to do that. Things were busy and bopping along until mid summer when a friend started advocating for a little boy named Rudy. I was immediately taken by him and the fact that he had Spindabifda like Molly. We ask a few questions but found out that his file was locked with another agency and another family at that time. We said, Ok Lord if you close this door then that's ok! We'll praise you that he has a family. A couple of weeks went by and we got the news that the family had said no. Rudy was indeed still available. Ok Lord, what do you want us to do? We had many talks with our agency and his agency and they agreed to share the file with us and if no one came for him by the time we were to attempt to transfer the file to our agency then they would transfer it. So we said again, Ok Lord, if you close this door it's ok! Some time went by ( nothing about this has been fast this time..) and the attempt to transfer the file was made. We had hoped that agency H would give to agency L and that would be it. Not that easy.. The folks over in C**** said they had to release it to their data base and our agency would have to attempt to lock it first. Once again, Ok Lord if someone else grabs this file first we will be sad but we will trust you that you have a better plan for sweet Rudy.. All the while we've scoured his file, named him, consulted Drs and friends and grown quit attached. Thankfully our agency was able to secure the file and we submitted LOI like nearly 4 weeks ago. It was a long, long wait and we were getting a little worried.. Finally TODAY it came. This sweet love will now be called Williams, "Wills", all the kids have family names and this is my Grandmother's maiden name. Wills has spinabifda, hydrocephalus and a heart condition. C**** says that all three have been surgically repaired. We know that there can always be more and that adoption is a total  faith walk so we are prepared either way. Wills is in a very, very, very good place right now. It's very unlike Molly's situation  and I have nearly constant communication with the home and the director, not to mention a face book family who welcomed me today with the PA news.  We humbly come to you today and begin another Give $10. Because the PA took so long we need to make some big money and fast. Adoption is just expensive but whats more costly is little person who is waiting for a family, waiting for good Dr's and love. I don't know about you but there is no cost too much to move quickly in a situation like that. The world says, you don't have enough money! Not enough space! Not enough time! 5 kids! How?! Why?! Really?! Being followers of Jesus though we know better. We've seen it happen time and time again in our lives and especially with Molly. My friends, God is indeed able to do more then we could ever ask or imagine. Please join us as we begin this journey once again to bring home a little one. We are so thankful for you and for your prayers! God is able!!