Friday, September 26, 2014

IPAD mini give away!

Hi friends! With 3 weeks to go in our challenge we decided to do a GIVE AWAY. We have raised $5K and now need to do that in 3 weeks. I know that sounds overwhelming but we know God is more then able. We do need you though, would you share and share and share again? For every $25 given your name is entered to win the IPAD MINI, just in time for the Holidays! This will be our  biggest fundraiser of the whole adoption, we do have a few others that will be going on but none as big as this one. Each dollar you donate matters so much. No matter how small.. We're so thankful to have you all along for the ride as we walk towards bringing Wills home.
 God is able!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Amazing grace how sweet the sound, I once was lost but now am found! Rejoicing today that WIlls is ONE LESS and we are half way through our Give $10 Fundraiser!  Let's finish strong team! 30 days to go and $6,678.00. We need you! Have you given? Would you give again? Would you give more then $10 to help us reach our goal? It's a big goal but we serve a bigger God. He funds what he favors and today we are claiming favor over the process, the fundraiser and sweet little Wills. Found..  Thanking you advance for your help today! God is able!

Friday, September 12, 2014

WIN a fall banner!

Donate $25 or more today and you will be entered to win a custom fall banner! These look darling on your mantle! Just hit the donate button here on the blog! We're working on the 3rd payment now. $2900!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Making a run for it!

We've sorted out how we can save some time and a little bit of money with our re use adoption here for Wills. We need to raise about $370.00 more to make the total $2900.00 for the second agency payment. Then we need to immediately raise the $2900.00 again and FAST! As soon as we can we need to complete our homestudy ( waiting on some marriage test results and have to have our final interview) asap and get it sent off to Columbia. ( a state wide thing they do here) Our finger prints expire 9/26 and so we need to have our request for an extension at the lock box for Immigration by then. 14 days after that we will get a RFE, meaning that they will want to see our new updated homestudy. We then will have 33 days to get it to them. That's where the prayers come in and why fundraising is so crucial right now. The agency wont release our homestudy to go until we have that third payment made. Meaning it wont go to Columbia and wont get to Immigration within the time frame. Prolonging the adoption and making it more $$. We must move forward, we must share the Give $10 frequently and we must give. And we may have to give again... Although the Give $10 is challenging what it does do is allow us to have these funds on hand so that we don't have to scramble like this to get things sorted. We're so thankful for your help and claiming that our God is more then able to work out all the paper work and fundraising once again. Please lock arms with us, claim God is more then able and let's GO!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Update on Give $10

 Friends we are off to a GREAT start! Together we have raised $2,292.00 through this site and paypal before we created this! We have $7,708.00 left and 41 days to do it! We just paid out a payment of $1900.00 and we have another $1900 due at the end of September and then another $2900 shortly there after. Moving forward claiming our God is more then able! Thank you all for your donations and sharing! 
 We are $881.00 short for where we would need to be to finish on day 60 with $10,000.00. Would you give today? Would you share our story asking your friends? We're so thankful for your help!