Monday, May 27, 2013

Here we go!

We're in the home stretch! Would you please share and donate to our Give $10 challenge? God IS able!!

 Day 43!! 17 days to go!!!! We have $3700.00 to go to make our goal. Please donate $10 and share with your friends:) God IS able! Give $10 change a life campaign! Raising $10K in 60 days!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

How can you help and what are we up to?

There are several slower periods in the adoption process and we are in one now.. I'm thankful for slower because I worked like a crazy person getting our documents ready, reading and doing all of the things we had to do to get ready for our home study, passports, etc. God gave me 2 promises starting this journey and one was that things would go fast, they have but I never want grass to grow under my feet and we have a hold up because of it. That means I try to turn things around as fast as I can. We have finished our home study in record time, have applied for both of our passports, and having to reapply for Hartley's, a couple hic ups on her application including the fact that she had a bow in her hair when the picture was taken, um of course she had a bow in her hair and a big one at that! lol We are waiting on our home study to be finalized and head to Columbia to the DSS office there. We have filled out our Immigration paperwork and it's ready to go, The home study and Immigration paperwork will meet up together at Immigration. Once we get all of that back then we are working on our Dossier. Lifeline already has everything they need for the Dossier minus those two things so once it gets back there they sent it through the state of Alabama to be authenticated and then we are DTC. Dossier to China. We hope to be DTC no later than August 1st but hoping it could be sooner. Then after that we wait to be Logged in , which is normally 30 days, so September 1st then we wait for LOA, Letter of Approval, typically this was taking 90 days to get but for families who are already have PA pre approval  they are seeing it come a little sooner like on the 30 day side of things. This "should" be the longest wait for us here on out.. If it really comes in 30 days we'll probably be in China in December, if it comes later it could be February. This part of the process has very little do to with myself or my social worker. No matter how quick I can turn things around I can't make all of that go any faster.. God's timing is perfect but of course we want Molly home with us as soon as possible!! How special to have her here for Christmas!! God is faithful friends and we are believing for just that! As many of you know  we are in the middle of a Give $10 change a life campaign. Each day we are asking for $10 donations to raise $10K in 60 days! Today is day 31 and we really really need your help! If you've been reading for a while and wishing you could help sweet Molly, this is what we need! Please share share share share on your social media. Don't just share though talk a little about Molly and why your friends should help? Here is our status from yesterday! Please help us friends! We literally can not do this without you all!! Make sure you share our blog link when you do:)
                                                HALF WAY THERE!!!!!! IN DAYS AND $$!!

Day 30 and we have raised $5k and have $5 to go!!!
Give $10 change a life campaign. Raising $10K in 60 days, 1 $10 donation at a time. Would you please donate today & share with your friends? 

Friday, May 10, 2013

New pictures!

Yay!! Happy early Mother's day to me! This am we got several new pictures of Molly and a video! Thank you Lord!!! Isn't she precious?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Have you seen Pure Charity?

Seems pretty cool? Just getting involved. You can easily find causes to help fund and all the funds go directly into our agency's account for us. They even move the ticker for you! This week has been filled with getting all sorts of things ready for our Dossier to go to China DTC here in a couple of months. We've finished our home study, woohoo! And am also working on some grant applications, please Lord show us favor! Paying out a good bit of money this week which will then wipe us totally out and we'll start over again. I do like that about China, you know what you need when you need it. Each step of the way God has been faithful and we are believing he will continue to be! Hoping to get that updated update of Molly by Sunday night! I'm so excited to see her sweet face again! Would you please continue to pray for her, for us and for our fundraising? Sharing our blog with a little intro on social media or a mass email is the best way right now. You can even share this link. They make it pretty easy!

 Also to be paid this week..
4634.00 due now  
$225 homestudy fee
$890 immigration application
$2800.00 3rd agency fee
$140 PA fee
$39 Shelby County courthouse
$65 Alabama secretary of state
$150 Cindy Marut
$325 My China Docs

Monday, May 6, 2013

Give $1 Save 1 Asia, it's us this week!

Hi friends. I've come across a great website called Give $1 save 1 Asia. Each week they strive to rain down a crazy blessing on a new family by asking each person who looks at the blog to give just a $1 to help them achieve their goals. Hop on over to the webiste and check it out. Could you give a $1 today to help us bring Molly home? Every little bit helps and we are so thankful!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Update and sweet video( ticker update!)

 This video just warms my heart so! When I watch Jennifer talk about adoption and Wesleigh running around it just fills my heart for such excitement for Molly! Our prayer is that when celebrating her 1 year anniversary home she will also be running around like you see here! Can't get her video to load on the blog so see it here on their blog, top on the side bar:)

Also we are on Day 19 of our Give $10 change a life campaign. We are trying to raise $10k in 60 days to help bring Molly home. Each day we are looking for 16 $10 donations to make that happen. To date we have raised, $3030.00 towards our Give $10, we have 41 more days to raise $6,970.00. Our overall fundraising has hit $6300.00 though! Each step of the way God has been faithful to bring us just what we need at the right moment. Would you help us pray in 630 more $10 donations to make our goal? Would you share our blog with your friends and challenge them?

Friday, May 3, 2013

Could you help?

We are on day 18 of our Give $10 challenge. Would you help us today by donating $10 to our Give $10? We are raising $10K in 60 days with one $10 donation at a time. It's so important that we keep plugging along. $2800.00 due Monday, also $225 to go to Columbia with our homestudy, and an additional $890.00 to immigration. Thank you so much for your help to bring Molly home!