Friday, June 14, 2013

$10,000.00 challenge recap!

So remember that time when we had that crazy idea to raise $10K in 60 days? Remember how impossible that seemed? Remember how I posted on facebook 2-3 times every day for 60 days, fearing that I'd have no friends by the end of it? Remember how I private messaged everyone on my friend list if they hadn't commented on a status, remember how I thought I am driving everyone crazy! Remember how our friends shared and shared and kept sharing our story. Remember how I came to realize that we were fighting for one who was unable to fight for herself...? Remember how our friends and family and total strangers stepped up and blessed us more than we could imagine? Remember how God took that mountain of $10K and exceeded it...? Yea, that all just happened.. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

 We started the challenge because we needed to make some big money. We've said it before, but adoption is costly, and we don't have more than enough.. $31K is the estimated cost to bring Molly home. What the challenge has allowed us to do now is to rest for the remainder of the summer. We need to rest, and our friends need a break from us fundraising constantly. Resting is a Biblical  princaple and we have decided that the summer is a great time for us to break. Our next set of fees, our Dossier fees will be paid out of the remainder of the Give $10. From there we will have LOA $3K fees in the fall, then once we receive TA we have to wire $12K to China for in country cost, flights estimated at $5500.00 and spending money to have in China estimated at $3K. If you've been reading for a while you've seen me mention grants, to date we've applied for 7 grants and we are looking into some more. We are prayerful that those grants can make up our in country cost of $12K and maybe even some if not all of our flight costs. Leaving us to raise our LOA fees of $3K and our spending money of $3K. Come the fall will be in the homestretch. We're looking into some fun ideas such as a family Barbecue, selling tickets and things like that. More garage sales & soaps etc! Honestly though, I'm not worrying about it, we need to be smart with our time and fundraising but God has this totally under control! Look what he's done in the last 60 days!  So probably no fundraising over the summer, I always have soaps and  we'll probably have a garage sale at some point but over all we'll just rest, enjoying our kiddos and the summer! We'll keep blogging and your certainly welcome to contact us at any point with donations, encouragement, questions etc.

 The fall will bring lot's of excitement! Thomas goes to 2nd grade, West starts all day K5 and Hartley will begin her preschool journey 9-12 Mon, Wed and Friday. Hopefully things will continue to move quickly for us, grants will be favorable, and we'll be home with Molly to celebrate our saviours birth in December! We truly can't thank you enough for your support, your prayers, your love and your donations. Just as a friend's story was an inspiration to me when they were fundraising, I hope that ours is to someone else. Please don't let $$ be a stumbling block when you decide to proceed with adoption. God is able and he will provide to bring these precious babies home. I'll leave you with a sweet story today. We were in Publix and the cashier ask how the adoption was coming along, we tell everyone about Molly!, Anyway we were talking and I was telling him about the awesome things God has done with the challenge. The bagger then tells us he was in foster care as a child and separated from his sister for a while. He said  "mam, what your dong is really amazing, some kids never get adopted.." Right before my eyes was a precious 20 year old who was in foster care and knew first hand how important is was to be adopted. I proceeded to tell him our story and listen to his as he loaded my groceries into the car. ( LOVE PUBLIX) Bless you all, enjoy your summer and let's get ready to bring Molly home this fall/winter!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

LAST 36 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ending the day with another $20 donation! Down to an even $1400 with 1 hour and 3 days to go! Keep sharing!! Let's pray this last little bit in , look how far we've come in 56 days! $10K in 60 days is nothing to our God! Give $10 change a life campaign! Raising $10K in 60 days, 1 $10 donation at a time all to bring sweet precious Molly home to our family. Bless you all for your help!! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

9 more days!!!!!!!!

Down $100 this am! Keep sharing! The countdown is on! 9 more days!! $2820.00 to go! $120 in donations over the night! Would you please help us by sharing this status and donating $10 towards our goal. Give $10 change a life campaign. Raising $10K in 60 days 1 $10 donation at a time! Your donation directly impacts the life of an orphan in China. Molly has unrepaired spinabifda and a club foot, we are working towards bringing her home so we can get her the health care she needs and to be a part of our family forever!