Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Our China baby!"

If West was to tell you our good news he's say, "We're getting a China baby!" To say the children are tickled pink is an understatement. I'm sure your as shocked as we are/were... Let me share a little background with you. Essentially orphaned myself ( my sister and I) as young children I always always knew that we would adopt at some point. The immeasurable sacrifices that my "mom" made for us as young children and still to this day are unbelievable. She is so dear to me and I can never thank her enough for her selfless love and so much more that she has given to us. Often times, I would think where I would be if she hadn't taken us in after my dad passed away.. Probably foster care,  and most likely my sister and I would have been separated. We always knew adoption was in our future but just didn't know when. After Hartley was born 2 1/2 years ago we knew she wasn't the last. Recently trying with no success we were content.. That all changed about a month ago when a precious little China baby came across my facebook screen. Lifeline was desperately seeking her a home because of some surgery she was needing here in the US. My heart lept as soon as I saw her and I knew, "now is the time.." This sweet little baby will probably find her forever parents before we are far enough in the paperwork to help her, but it was her, that started the journey. The last month has been filled with many obstacles, Lot's of prayers and Lot's of waiting.. I've been so quiet in this journey which is most unlike me. God has been speaking more than I have ever heard him before. Every where we turn there is confirmation after confirmation that we are right where he needs us to be. Tommy and I's hearts have been totally wrecked for the 147 million orphans in this world who need a home. God has also burdened our hearts that it is our time to do something about it. At least for one... a precious little girl we believe is out there just waiting just for us. We don't know her, haven't seen her picture and probably won't for a while. The journey is long, the paper work is mounting and the estimated cost is $31, 000.00. We've already paid out a little and a big payment of $2700.00 is right around the corner. Adoption is costly.. and we don't have enough.. When praying about the situation God has given us an unbelievable peace. I keep hearing, " I will provide...trust me!" So we are! We are moving forward in total faith and obedience claiming that our God is more than ABLE to move what seems like mountains, paper work, home studies, $31, 000.00, leaving my babies for two weeks to go to China. HE is able, not Brittan and Tommy, but God. You may be asking yourself, how can we help? First of all we covet your precious prayers. Prayers for our daughter, wherever she is and whatever her situation, please cover her with us! Prayers for Tommy and I as we begin this blessed journey to her, prayer for our children, my super attached babies will need 12-15 months of prayer for us to leave them for two weeks, and prayer for finical provision.. When reflecting on the finical part of it it was brought to my attention that we only really need 300 friends to donate $100 each. I honestly couldn't believe it was that easy. I even checked the math twice! Now I know that $100 is a big sacrifice, goodness knows it would be and IS for Tommy and I! Maybe it looks like you asking 10 friends to give $10 towards the $100 or maybe having a yard sale, I'm not sure, but we are asking you to pray and if God leads you would you please consider donating to help us bring our daughter home? We promise God will bless you and you'll be inundated with more pictures and updates than you could ever imagine.. My hands are trembling as I type this but then I hear God in that small but so big voice saying "Brittan, I will provide, trust me!" Thank you for loving us, for praying for us and for coming along on our journey to China!!!!!!!
 I will leave you with this amazing quote.. "The Gospel and adoption are beautifully woven together by the gracious hands of God. In Christ, God has shown His love to us as our Father. He has reached down his hand of mercy to us in the loneliness of our sin, and He has raised us up as members of His family. Consequently, one of the clearest displays of the Gospel in this life is when redeemed men and women extend a hand of mercy to children in need and bring them into their forever families." Orphanology
 * If you'd like to donate you can use the paypall link to the right, you don't have to have a paypall account you can use your visa/mastercard etc. Or you can mail checks to us just email me at tgotbeter@gmail.com and I'll give you our address:)