Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Approved homestudy!

We are so thankful we once again have an approved home study and it's on it's way to the USCIS to meet our Supplement 3 for the extension to avoid the 800a process again. We should have an an approval there by the end of  next week and our documents will then go to be authenticated. This time we only have 3 instead of a whole bunch. After that we'll officially be DTC again. Most families travel  ( with a 60 day LOA wait) to China in about 6 months or so. If we are DTC by the beginning of December we should be traveling around the beginning of the summer? Good timing with the kids getting out of school! We rest in God's perfect timing and rejoice that Wills is in a good place. Each day we are working towards more things here at home, everyone responding with more fruits of the spirit. Being as independent as we can all be, as helpful as we can be to each other and sleeping in our own beds, all.night.long. Bless it- I haven't met a college kiddo yet who sleeps with his momma so I know it's coming and when it does I know we'll miss it!! But knowing we have another big transition coming we are trying to get everyone as situated as we can. We do have some costs coming up with the DTC and we humbly ask for your help with those. Please donate if you can here through our youcaring page. We're so thankful you all are walking this journey with us again! God is able-

$140 due now for PA
$700 for the Dossier submission
$9.00 Shelby county courthouse
$15.00 Alabama Secretary of State
$75.00 My China Docs
$60.00 Courier Fee
$2900 another agency fee due at DTC

$720 when we receive our 800 approval after LOA
Another agency fee of $2900 due at LOA

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