Monday, December 1, 2014

My tantrum!!

Excuse me I'd like to have a tantrum.. Can mommy have a turn? How about a time out after? Sounds wonderful!
 Much like a rough pregnancy you think mid way through, I'll never do this again!! We said it with Molly and I want to say it again.. I will never do this again!! Before you get too concerned no I'm not having second thoughts or reservations. I feel fully capable and equipped to handle 5 kiddos and Wills' needs. That part doesn't worry me. What does bother me is the fundraising. I know I've said, It's so great to be dependant on the Lord. It's great to wait in his presence for the blessing to come and most of the time it is, but other times it just plain stinks and I want to throw a hissy fit.. It's not even the process that gets me it's the money! Some would say, "Well, why would you say yes to a child and not have the money up front?" Well besides the fact the Lord has called us to adopt, folks say yes to things all the time and then have to pay for them. A car? A house? A college tuition? Let me also say I trust the Lord is 100% faithful. I have seen with my own eyes what he did through Molly's process and even now in her life, we have witnessed modern day miracles! I know God can and will finish this strong, it's just hard. Let me lay it out there. We have several grant applications out there now that I hope will make up the end of the adoption costs that we'll have, Our last agency fee and our in country cost. We'll need to have money for travel, our current matching grant can pay for that and around $11K for the flights. The  is what we need to pay for  this week, $700 dossier fee ( soap money will cover that) and another agency payment which is $2900.00. Guess what? We have not 1 dime towards that...not one penny.. This faith walk just got much more real huh? Couple that with the $2500 we need to raise for the matching grant and your looking at $5400.00, $2900.00 due now and $2500 due by January 13th 2015. Have friends been faithful to give? You bet, and we are so thankful!! We truly are. There is so much more to do though. I know God is faithful. I know God funds what he favors. I know God won't leave Wills now. I know he is able to do immeasurably more then we could ask or imagine. I've seen it!!! But in the waiting.. It's hard and I want to roll on the floor and have a toddler tantrum in an adult body. So if you see me in target on the floor crying please don't be alarmed. I'll get some self control soon and regain composure. In the meantime I'll rest on these promises the Lord has given us and continue to sell, tshirts, soaps and ask for donations. Would you help today? Could you give $10, $50, $100 or more? I'll close with the letter from Lifesong for orphans. They really say it much better then I do..

 November 18, 2014 
Dear church, family, and friends of Tom and Elizabeth Gotbeter, 
God desires orphans of all nations to be adopted into Christ-honoring families so they can hear the Word of God and ultimately be adopted into God’s eternal family through faith in Jesus Christ. While God calls us to fulfill James 1:27 and “visit the fatherless” not all are called to adopt. Some are called to pray, some to give financially, some to go on mission trips, and some to adopt. 
Lifesong for Orphans is a non-profit Christian ministry dedicated to help meet the needs of orphan children around the world, and to obey God’s call to “visit the fatherless…in their affliction” (James 1:27). With over 147 million orphans worldwide, Lifesong seeks to mobilize the Body of Christ to love and care for orphans. Lifesong serves families, churches and orphans through adoption funding. Additionally, Lifesong brings joy and purpose to orphans globally in seven countries and domestically through foster care initiatives. Please visit our website ( for more information. 
Tom and Elizabeth have sensed God’s call to care for the fatherless and have joyfully stepped out in faith and obedience to adopt a little boy from China. As you may already know, adoption can cost $30,000-$35,000, and this financial burden prevents many godly families from adopting. Lifesong believes God has called this family to adoption and has committed an Adoption Matching Grant of $2,500 to help bring this child home. 
Funds donated to Lifesong for Orphans will be given to help cover adoption expenses. Lifesong is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and your gift is tax deductible. 100% of all funds raised will go directly to cover adoption costs--nothing will be taken out for Lifesong for Orphans administrative costs. 
Will you invest financially in the life of this child? It will be an investment with eternal return. God bless you. 

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